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Australia Labradoodle is a mixed breed dog. It is not approved or about to become an approved breed according to the FCI. The breeding work that is going on around the world will surely in the future lead to it being classified as a separate breed, but we can hope that it takes some time for the breeding work to produce a healthy, healthy labradoodle to continue for a while, and where the breeding work can continue a long-term goal with the dog's best as number one.

The goal of our breeding

What is important for us who breed and breed labradoodles is that we should breed healthy and mentally stable dogs. That it should be beautiful is not the most important thing, even if we follow strict breeding criteria for a dog to be put into breeding. The goal is for the breed to be developed with the international breed standard as an important guideline.

Australia Labradoodle - Breed Standard

It comes in 3 sizes 

Mini; weight 7-13 kg height at withers 36-42 cm

Medium; weight 13-20kg, height at withers 43-52 cm

Default; weight 20-30kg, height at withers 53-63 cm

Australia The Labradoodle is by nature intelligent, gentle, open and social. It should approach people cheerfully and trustingly, aggressiveness or shyness are not desirable behaviors. It is easy to learn and the lifespan is about 12-15 years. Basically it is a healthy dog but can have the same diseases as the breeds it is bred from.

The Australian Labradoodle's coat can be either curly and dense wool or curly flecce or wavy fleece. The coat lacks undercoat. The Australian Labradoodle does not shed but needs to be cut 3-4 times a year

The coat requires care and between cuts it needs to be brushed so that it does not tangle but stays shiny and beautiful. During puppyhood, the coat is easier to mat if not groomed regularly. 

The approved colors available are, among other things, coffee, chocolate, red, cream, apricot, caramel, black. The fur can also be 2 colored. Merle is not approved.

The breed originally comes from Australia and was developed to be a service dog for allergic families. It was introduced to the USA in the -90s and became very popular. The breed is not yet approved by the international dog breeding association FCI, for this to happen many approved dogs are required and the dogs can be traced genetically 

The breed's development and breeding work is followed by organizations that closely monitor the work of the breeders. Including WALA, ALAEU and ALAA

The health requirements that the organizations require for the breeding dogs have helped the breed to develop the dog both anatomically and its characteristics and made it a very healthy breed.

The breeders, both in Sweden and the rest of the world, operate under strict rules so that the genuine Australian Labradoodle is maintained and developed according to the organizations' goals.

The goal is for a new recognized hypoallergenic dog breed to be developed.

If you want to read more about the organization we are part of, you can press WALA on the button next to it

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